The Fruit Junkie
For the Inner Glow – Fruits for a healthy glo

There can never be enough reasons to eat fruits. The nutritive items rich in vitamins and minerals have fabulous effects on both skin and health. As a beauty consultant I always recommend the inclusion of all sorts of fruits in your diet. You all must have heard the oh-so-famous phrase “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” But have you ever heard of the new mantra that goes like “a fruit a day, keeps your aging skin at bay?”

Well the rhyming part didn’t work out much but that does not have any less emphasis on the fact that fruits are indeed the magical potions for keeping your skin youthful and glowing. May it be including a fruit in your daily diet plan or simply getting yourself a fruit facial, your skin can rip the benefits from fruits in any form.

Remember the tip – Detoxify your body with a slice of fruit and keep your skin forever glowing and beautiful!

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