The Glam Queen Believes in Less Makeup More Pow – Wow!

Wake up and make up! This might be the mantra of a modern day girl but let’s not forget the power of natural beauty. As a fashion and beauty expert myself, I always come across tons of clients always running after the tempting trends in the makeup and fashion industry. Although keeping oneself updated with the latest market drive will make you stand at the front-foot of fashion revolutions. On the other hand, not adhering by any will also not make you old school.

Having said that, my point here is that one should always keep in mind the two very famous phrases completely defining the style quotient- “Less is more “and “natural is beautiful”! I always believe that a face should never be masked with a zillion products only for the sake of makeup. Makeup should never masquerade the true beauty of a face. It should only be used as a means of enhancing the natural features in a more defined way.

In Femina Beauty, we maintain our stand on “less makeup more pow- wow”! Hence, we insist on keeping the charismatic beauty intact and just enhance the features without manipulating it in anyway.

Keep it natural with Femina Beauty!

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