The Perfect Match !
Which foundation can do wonders for you

Your face is a canvas and the foundation is something that can make it ready. However, choosing the perfect shade for your skin tone seems like an endless quest. An ideal foundation is the one that suits skin color, type, texture, along with covering all the blemishes and undertones.

Sensitive skin – Heavy or fragranced products are a big no-no for sensitive skin. For all the sensitive skin beauties, mineral foundations are always the best that gives your skin the minutest reason to act up.

Normal skin – Although normal skin beauties are blessed to have a skin like this, it is also extremely important to maintain that skin texture. For that, lightweight foundations are one of the best to cover the undertones and blemishes without hampering the skin condition.

Dry skin – To quench your skin thirst, it is highly recommended to add a hydrating foundation serum that will provide a light coverage to your flaky skin.

Oily skin – Ditching that face shine is now easy with a moisturizing foundation offering medium to full coverage. Also, it is better to stick to a sponge or brush while applying the product on face for ensuring least contamination.

Combination skin – Combination skin beauties have the choice to select between a dewy look and a matte look. However, the matte one offers a better outlook in keeping the oil from T-zone at bay.

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